Flash: Loverboy Imagine

Loverboy, never imagine that I

would hesitate to kill you if you try

to get back up again.

Both of us have gone down too many times

not to know the next move;

one gets angry, the other soothes.

But this time it’s different;

this time you’re a corpse

and my mother really will object;

she’ll scream until she’s hoarse.

And then, like, freaking kill me until I just shrug and go “OK, whatever, fine, he’s gone,” and I’ll get a shovel and go bury you again and hope that this time, you got the freaking message already.

About rachelerosenberg

Photographer in search of the vivid. Logical poet. Editor.
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3 Responses to Flash: Loverboy Imagine

  1. Tim Keeton says:

    Good ‘un Rachel.

    Rhyme on!

  2. It’s so funny to read my pillow talk in poem form.

    ‘Baby, I love you but if you ever become a zombie I’m totally destroying the hell outta your brain.’

    ‘You mean you’re not going to keep me in the shed like in SHAUN OF THE DEAD.’



  3. Oh Geoff, you’re so romantic. :p

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