Self-Indulgent Harm

I am fairly new to the Undead Poets Society. Everything I have read on here so far is perfectly delicious. This is my first post for the blog. I hope you enjoy it.

Cut through the bull shit of everyday lies
Shed this skin to see what’s inside
This one’s for the first girl who died
Passed through us, but we both survived

Dig deep into this hole
Forget for a moment what it is to feel full
That one’s for how he pushed and pulled
The loss of my soul

Watch the flow of my stream
This one’s for those who are never what they seem
I ignored all her silent screams
So now she haunts all my crowded dreams

Read into this hidden text
That one’s for where his hand scratched
What could have been next?
He never even asked

Watch her grow inside my head
This one’s for the lack of safety in my bed
She ate what I was being fed
To young to deal and so I bled

Push play on this tape
This one’s for those less violent rapes
Took what he wanted to take
Took a big piece of my faith

Hear the answer to your question why
That one’s for all the tears I’ve cried
All the truth turned into lies
For the day she said goodbye

Run your finger across another scar
That one’s for another time I went too far
Another time I was pushed too hard
For all my self-indulgent harm

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5 Responses to Self-Indulgent Harm

  1. lisagailgreen says:

    Welcome! And I really like this poem. I like the flow. I like the visualization. Very emotional.

  2. brian says:

    that was great tara…
    i feel sadness in the scars and those i know who have them…

  3. slpmartin says:

    The pain and sadness in this poem runs so deep…the events conveyed within the lines of this poem are repeated so many times each day…and it angers me that nothing meaningful is done to stop it….your post brings to the surface something that should be hear….many thanks for this.

  4. There is pain, tears, and beauty in this. Poetry is so intimate and I just *feel* this piece. Your metaphors run deep like scars you describe. Beautiful poem, Tara.

  5. Thank you. This means a lot.

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