“Dream” Fib



he left

me, which

never happened

so I didn’t remember it.

And then everyone else kept trying to keep me from seducing him back from his new girl by messing with me; changing clocks, coming in to hang out with whole casts of TV shows, and then even the administration was in on it; four whole new vending machines in my building, one of which just dispensed fry pies. Even if they were strawberry.

About rachelerosenberg

Photographer in search of the vivid. Logical poet. Editor.
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5 Responses to “Dream” Fib

  1. brian says:

    that one is a mind trip…
    nicely done…

  2. Whaaat?
    This was kooky in the best way, Rachele. It made me laugh on the train.
    Turn that fib on its ear!

  3. Tick Tock goes the clock. Chase that white rabbit down and make him tell you where his heart lies!

    (Crazy and wild- love it!)

  4. Thanks guys! I appreciate it. Maybe I’ll try another one soon.

  5. Yes, I love that. A fib seems so self-contained, yet so often demanding more – wonderful that you delivered that more in such a cool way.

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