rise in seas
Of cornstalks and bones.
life is in the blood and blood is
in the straw. rebels
watching you

About Jodi MacArthur

I write omnivorous fiction.
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18 Responses to Scarecrow

  1. Pamila Payne says:

    You always manage to strip down to the bare bones of scary. I like this one.

  2. Harry says:

    Your scarecrows are the scariest JoJo!

  3. Tim Keeton says:

    Seas is a good metaphor. I felt like a wave passed over me. I like how it feels like a rising and ebbing tide.

    rebels / watching you / from / poles.

    I assume they have been impaled, hanged, etc.?

  4. this is without a doubt my favorite thing on this whole site. The whole thing is just so well executed start to finish. You use the double fib here to perfection. Great. Great!

  5. You and cornstalks. And scarecrows. Awesome.

  6. Scarecrow forgotten.
    Red gone to almost white now.
    Crows nests in his eyes.


  7. Jodi MacArthur says:

    Thanks for all the kind responses. Glad you find my scarecrows harrowing. They fascinate me. I wish to give them souls and voices, no better way than through writing.

    ps. Tim, I’ll left the interpretation open on purpose. I’ve a short story in mind for this, actually two, one of them being about scarecrow pirates.

  8. Oooh, Jodi. Nice one. I second all previous comments. Is that lazy? Please don’t send the scarecrows after me.

  9. Laurita says:

    Love your scarecrows. Creepy and oh so good.

  10. signed .............bkm says:

    very nice word play……..yes, indeed…

  11. Thank you Laurita and BKM!

  12. this is great! I love it. Haunting and imaginative.

  13. Jodi – I love this poem – I love the structure – and it struck it’s mark with precision!

  14. Uh, you gave me the chills… Great poem!

  15. Jodi MacArthur says:

    Thank you, my dearies!

    Mari, if it makes you feel any better, Scare Crows don’t have teeth.

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