“Flash-Poem” Challenge

I would like to challenge the ranks of my (undead)poet friends, out there, to write some “Flash-Poetry.”

Here are the parameters:

You can write about anything you want.
Your poem can be any style, any length, you want.
You must write it and immediately post it – no editing – post your first, rough draft in all its (undead)glory.

I can give you a prompt if you like, but I find if you maybe just have an idea of a first line, it flows from there; go whither it leads you…

For those who would like a prompt, since this is the site of The Undead Poets Society (and we are Undead Poets), how about a Vampire prompt? You can write anything you want about vampires, or you can begin with the following first line:

For the blood is the life,

Come on, don’t be shy…

OK, I’ll begin with a couple of examples (which I am doing live right now), and will post them in a couple of minutes when I post this Challenge.

Stealing Life (using prompt line)

For the blood is the life,
Yours for the making,
Mine for the taking,
Easing you out of your pain,
Eternity for me to gain,
Filling me up with sadness,
Stealing away your gladness,
Forgive me, for I know just what I do,
I am killing you.

Stealing Life (Fib)

Gently flows
Easing down my throat
Makes you weaker but strengthens me

Now, come on, what do you say? Wanna play?

Rhyme on!

About Tim Keeton

Flashfiction published by Seedpod Pub. Poetry appears in Read Write Poem 2010 Anthology. Founder & creator of the Undead Poets Society
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11 Responses to “Flash-Poem” Challenge

  1. Tim Keeton says:

    Hey I just thought of something else – I am going to combine these two into a quasi-cleave poem. Let’s see how that works…

    Stealing Life

    Blood………………………..For the blood is the life,
    Like………………………….Yours for the making,
    Rubies………………………Mine for the taking,
    Gently flows……………..Easing you out of your pain,
    Easing down my throat……..Eternity for me to gain,
    Makes you weaker but strengthens me……..Filling me up with sadness,

      Stealing away your gladness,
      Forgive me, for I know just what I do,
      I am killing you.
  2. I like these Tim. Especially like the cleave poem. I want to call it cleavage poems! Horrible I know. It makes sense. Each side is bringing out the finer points of the overall poem. Hence. Cleavage.

    I just wrote a flash poem using your prompt. Not sure if I have the guts to post first draft. It’s quite…. something

  3. Tim Keeton says:

    Cleavage Poems…I like that.

    Don’t tease…post it, please?

    • I’ll post here just for you, Tim. I wrote this immediately. I haven’t touched (edited) it. I don’t know *what* it means, but here you go:

      For the blood is in the life
      And the glow is in the moon
      Succulent feeding frenzy
      Your body my spoon

      • Tim Keeton says:

        Your body my spoon

        Ooooh…I have chills…

        I can actually visualize a variety of scenes from this.
        Verrrry nice. Very nice, indeed.

        Rhyme on!

  4. Jodi MacArthur says:

    Thanks, Tim. I’m still feeling shy about poetry. 😉

    There is almost always double meaning to what I write, whether stories or poems.

    • Tim Keeton says:

      Yes, exactly! But that’s what works so well.

      I see and hear raw and vibrant sensuality in your poems, and with these vampire-based poems, it’s perfect. I mean aren’t most fiction vampires romantic figures, albeit in a dark way?

      Thank you for sharing your stuff. It’s awesome.

      Rhyme on!

      • Jodi MacArthur says:

        Awww *blushes*

        One thing though, this is how I usually write. The word vampire hasn’t crossed my mind once. 😉 Maybe I’ll write something vampire just for you today.

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