Fibonacci Sequence Poem

Carnival Cage

Bullet for
My werewolf, but chains,
Bars and an oogling audience.

– Sean Monaghan

About Sean Monaghan

Writer. Voracious reader.
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3 Responses to Fibonacci Sequence Poem

  1. Tim Keeton says:

    Hmm…the King Kong treatment, eh?

    Thanks for sharing, Sean! Velcome!

  2. Angel Zapata says:

    Yeah, the Fibonacci form can deliver such a punch. And the title becomes so crucial to set the stage. This is sharp poetics here, Sean.

  3. Sean,
    I think it was Lisa who had a Fibonacci Sequence Poem a couple weeks back. I love the structure of these. And like Z says, it delivers such a punch. Kind of like a flash compared to a short story.

    I like how you pared the word oogling with werewolf and chains. The title says it all. You ROCK, Sean M.

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