Monster Prompt: Writer


Obsession calls
Whispers low
Darkness falls
Feel words flow

Cannot rest
Dare to dream
Do your best
Want to scream

Cannot run
Always there
See the sun
Feel despair

Take a breath
“Stop!” she cries
Feels like death
Must revise

About Lisa Gail Green

Lisa Gail Green would definitely have a werewolf for a pet if she weren't allergic. Visit her at to learn more about SOUL CROSSED (Feb. 25, 2015) and her other work.
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8 Responses to Monster Prompt: Writer

  1. Yes. Despair at seeing the sun? Brilliant parallel!

  2. Tim Keeton says:

    Is it the writer who is the monster, or is it the (sometime) demon eating away at her insides, scratching and biting and clawing, until finally bursting free into incomplete and unsatisfying creation, the author knowing the process is not over, and must be (torturously) repeated?

    (I think we all wish for the angelic, gossamer, fairy-like inspirations which float peacefully from our souls and gracefully shine bright from our page, perfect…)

    (Although, sometimes the pain feels almost good in a masochistic, infatuatory way…sometimes I want the pain,, or need the pain. But hey, that’s just meh.)

  3. Angel Zapata says:

    The writer as a monster is wildly creative. Love it. And the final verse perpetuates more terror, or possible salvation, to come.

  4. lisagailgreen says:

    Such wonderful comments!

    Tim- how can you extricate the demon inside from the writer? It’s like Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde with the former being present at all times! He he he.

    • Tim Keeton says:

      By writing it out, Ms. Lisa; by writing it out (i.e. “Do as I say, not as I do” – or don’t do, most of the time for me anyway…).

      Pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, stylus to wax tablet – any and all are the only ways to exorcise our individual writing demons.

      Admittedly, mine are sometimes still-births, but nevertheless, have to be removed so a new creation can regenerate in their place.

      Rhyme on!

  5. obsession, whispers, darkness, despair, death

    I love these words you use to describe a writer, his/her creation, and the revision. So dark. I can’t help but think of Poe with the voices screaming to let out of the grave. How often do we bury our characters alive until we can get back to let them out?

    LOVE this, Lisa. Fantastic.

  6. To me, what’s dying is the feeling of completion waved in a writer’s face before realizing the poem isn’t finished yet. If you never “get it right” you keep feeling the fingers of despair wrapped around your neck. And we all know you never get it right. It’s why we keep writing; the obsessive desperation to get it right, to write it perfectly.

    And the ‘must revise’ to me is returning to the beginning, since revision isn’t salvation merely the threat of further dying.

    Very cool. verrrry cool.

  7. lisagailgreen says:

    Gosh you guys make me blush. I appreciate all of the comments! Yes. Of course you all get me. You’re all writers.

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