Cinco de Mayo

A little spur of the moment rhyme to get in the feel of the day.

It’s the 5th of May,
The sun is shining,
And all the birds are singing,
To start of this day,
I can only say,
My poetry bells are ringing,
Whether you live in the hills,
The desert, or ‘burbs,
Or even down on the “buy-oh” (bayou),
I want to wish you, one and all,
A happy Cinco de Mayo!

About Tim Keeton

Flashfiction published by Seedpod Pub. Poetry appears in Read Write Poem 2010 Anthology. Founder & creator of the Undead Poets Society
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6 Responses to Cinco de Mayo

  1. slpmartin says:

    Well thanks for that…back at you my friend. 😉

  2. My 5th of Mayo was made a little better by this! Now I relish the day you publish your poema “Cinco de Mustardo.”

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